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Horse on the gallops

Buying a National Hunt Horse with Jamie Snowden

Jamie Snowden’s stated mission is “Chasing Winners”.  Like ourselves, he regards bumpers and hurdle races as stepping stones to the proper sport of steeplechasing, in which he excelled as one of the best amateur riders of his generation.  We definitely share the enthusiasm for chasing, and our buying policy is always geared to finding horses with the scope to do well in this field.  Last year Jamie found us a high-potential chasing type in Houndscourt, and this year we are hoping that our new horse, Future Gilded, will show the same sort of promise.  On his only run to date, in June 2013 – a winning one at Aix-les-Bains – he looked an exciting prospect who should thrive with Jamie at his excellent facilities in Lambourn.

If you would like to be involved in this new partnership, please contact Jon Hughes by phone on 07958 763159 or by email on Purchase price of the horse for a one-sixth share is £0,000 + VAT, and the annual cost per partner will be c.£0,000 in advance, or c.£000 quarterly, or c. £000 per month.  Any budget surplus and all prize money will be returned directly to the partners at the end of each year.  All VAT will be reclaimed and credited directly to each owner’s personal account.

Horse Name– 0yo type by parent

  • Bullet points.
Future GildedFuture GildedFuture Gilded
Future Gilded




Number of Partners

  • Six equal partners.
  • All partners to be, or become, Registered Owners.
  • NH enthusiasts, combining optimism with realism.
  • Full involvement for all partners in key decisions.
  • Horse to run in the partners’ colours (by annual rotation).

Costs and Budget (all prices shown ex-VAT)

  • Purchase price and budget for annual training fees and associated costs shown above.
  • Precise amount over the season will vary, depending on the time Future Gilded spends in full training, number of runs, veterinary requirements etc.
  • It can be difficult to estimate these precisely, so costs should be regarded as indicative only.  All attempts will be made to keep costs to the necessary minimum.

Partnership Principles

  • Commitment to retain the horse for a minimum of two years.
  • All decisions on continuity to be made by the partners, taking on board the recommendations of the trainer.
  • Review at the end of each season and assess the horse’s potential.
  • All prize money and any budget surplus to be returned as annual dividend.
  • All costs completely transparent and available to all partners.  No mark-ups or hidden margins.
  • Horse will be sponsored, enabling VAT to be reclaimed.
  • Very low administration costs of £150 per year, per partner, to cover VAT reclaims, book-keeping, administration of registrations, etc., and web site updates.

Tremendous Value for Money

How does this compare with some of the traditional syndicates?  Many double the purchase price of the horse and charge £275+ per month for a twelfth share, or £550 per month for a sixth share.  Buying into a horse with Owners for Owners reduces the total costs per partner by at least 50%, merely by cutting out expensive racing managers with high administration costs, and not charging indefensible mark-ups on the initial purchase price of the horse.

And of course another difference is the level of involvement – frequent visits to Jamie Snowden’s yard and close participation with fellow enthusiasts in all the key decisions relating to the horse.  This is guaranteed to maximise the enjoyment of owning (hopefully) a future chasing star.

Training School at Lambourn